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We’re a multi-talented group with depth and experience where it counts: handling claims.

Firm Resume
The Claims Service Bureau of New York, Inc. is a domestic corporation licensed in the states of New York, Connecticut and Florida. Established in 1959, CSB is an Independent Firm that derives its entire income by providing complete Claims & Risk Management services for Insurance Companies and Self-Insured organizations in both the private and public sectors.

Corporate Office:

Claims Service Bureau of New York
21 Hempstead Avenue
Lynbrook, NY 11563

(516) 593-2440
(516) 593-2486 Fax
(800) 433-9631 Toll Free


Nick Cardone, President
Dave Hutchinson, Executive Vice President
Ron Grossane, Vice President & Claims Manager
Jim Paul, Vice President
Tom McTiernan, Assistant Vice President

Self Insurance and Special Programs CSB has a long history in the creation and management of Self-Insurance, Deductible and Captive Programs, with complete responsibility for Receiving losses, Reporting, Investigating, Supervision of litigation, Adjusting, Payment of claims, Loss Control, Computer loss reports and, Risk Management. CSB has created and managed numerous and diverse nationwide programs for many clients as detailed in ourpartial client list.

General Claims Handling Operations include all phases of General Claims handling including but not limited to, factual signed statements, photos, diagrams, police interviews, interrogation of attorneys regarding theory of liability and etc., request for CIB and IME, verification of all special damages, surveillance and motion pictures, management of litigation, establishment of reserves, negotiations and, payments of claims.

Trial Preparation Our Trial Prep Department is staffed by experienced operators who are available to visit the office of the Trial Attorney, review the file, confer on the needs and provide timely and professional Trial Preparation in all State and Federal Courts throughout New York City and Long Island. Operatives can be reached offsite via cellphones. This unit has countrywide access to numerous records, official and otherwise.

Claims Staff Our staff is composed of highly professional claims representatives each of whom is individually licensed and bonded. We are able to provide a diversified ethnic and multi-lingual field / staff reasonably proficient in most of the foreign languages usually spoken in the Metropolitan / New York area.

Communications In order to handle certain programs with a high volume of claims, CSB maintains two telephone answering stations, which are operational between 9 AM and 5 PM daily. In addition, an automated phone system is available during and after business hours.

Claims Auditing Service CSB maintains a Claims Auditing Service directed at review of programs containing SIR’S and Deductibles. The thrust of this service includes the review and evaluation of investigation, reserving, management of litigation, negotiations, etc.
Computer Capability CSB’s Computer System enables us to generate Loss Reports in various formats and media. We also have the capability to interface directly with our Client’s own systems to provide Real Time Access.

Department of Motor Vehicles CSB’s computer is connected to the N. Y. State Department of Motor Vehicles’ computer. In a matter of seconds we are able to access information to assist us in tracing people, verifying ownership, insurance coverage and ascertaining prior accident and injury history.

Central Index Bureau CSB has internet access to the Central Index Bureau’s ISO Claim Search System, which enables us to secure immediate access to claimant accident history on a nationwide basis.

Area Covered CSB provides a complete claims service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the entire five counties of the City of New York, Long Island, Westchester and northern New Jersey. Clients are billed time and expenses from within the County of service only. By corresponding representatives, CSB manages claims nationwide.